Duration: 45+ min
Number of players: 2- 99 player/s
Materials/ Tools needed: Game set “Punctum”
Publisher: Points of You
Language: EN 
Links: https://points-of-you.com/product/punctum?user_type=expansion

Short description

Punctum is a dynamic and metaphorical tool that helps you stimulate a moment of discovery and clarity.Punctum is the meeting point between intriguing photos, words and question cards. The magic between the three helps you create a world of possibilities, associations and feelings, and makes it a fascinating and flexible tool.

Educational value/ Learning Objectives

  • A dynamic & metaphorical tool that helps you stimulate a moment of discovery and clarity.

Recommendations for use

  • Who uses it?
    All kinds of professionals, but it’s ideal for therapists, psychologists, photo therapists and psychotherapists. The fact that the photo cards are separated from the word cards allows a wide range of dynamic and associative processes.  
  • When?
    When you’re looking to trigger your client’s inner world without guiding them to a certain direction. When you are interested in connecting participants to their intuition and imagination. When you’re facilitating a brainstorm workshop and would like the participants to develop creative ideas with no boundaries. 
  • Where?
    In any situation, casual or professional (clinic, organization, workshop, home or out in the park). Just pull out Punctum Game and it is sure to make your sessions insightful, profound and exciting.
  • With whom? You can use it solo, one-on-one sessions, workshops, team meetings and in groups of up to 99 participants! With Punctum you can work separately with words, photos and questions.

Tips and Tricks for Facilitators 

How to adapt game for different groups, topics, occasions/needs

  • Dynamic Work
    Use in dynamic processes that bring underlying issues to the surface
  • Uncovering the Hidden
    Use in recruiting processes and interviews to learn hidden qualities about your candidates
  • Visual Associations
    Lead an exploration of metaphors, symbolism and interpretations
  • Bridging Points of View
    To solve conflicts and bridge gaps between different perspectives
  • Enhancing Creativity
    Create out-of-the-box design thinking and development processes
  • Conversation Starter
    Create open dialogue and help participants articulate feelings when they are stuck or confused
  • Workshop Activities
    Add creativity to any part of your workshop, and use it for ice-breakers and more

And much more…
There are endless ideas and ways to use Punctum, let your imagination lead you and/or access our knowledge base

Feedback questions
How was the activity?
What was the most challenging?
What did you enjoy the most?

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