Duration: 60 min
Number of players: 2-4 player/s
Materials/ Tools needed: Set of the game
Publisher: Alga
Language: All

A classic tile-based game where players strategically place numbered tiles to form sets and runs, aiming to be the first to clear their rack.

Short description/ Goal of the game:

“Rummikub” is a popular tile-based game that combines elements of rummy and mahjong. Players take turns placing numbered tiles from their racks onto the table, forming sets (groups of tiles with the same number in different colors) and runs (consecutive numbers of the same color). The game requires strategic thinking, as players aim to manipulate the tiles on the board to their advantage while also thwarting their opponents’ plans. The player who successfully clears their rack first by forming valid sets and runs wins the round, earning points based on the remaining tiles in opponents’ racks.

Educational value/ Learning Objectives:

  • To learn more about mathematics
  • To gain logical thinking
  • Work without language barrier

Recommendations for use: 

  • People +8 years old
  • As a team building activity

Tips and Tricks for Facilitators 

How to adapt game for different groups, topics, occasions/needs

  • Learn the numbers in different ages, practice counting

Feedback questions

  • What have you learned about yourself?
  • What were the key elements in the game in order to succeed?
  • What skills can you improve while playing this game?

Further discussion topics

  • Why are numbers important in our lives?