In this project there are four different organisations from 4 countries that give in their experience, work and passion.

As a non-profit organisation with many years of experience, Germany (HochVier) provides learning activities, such as summer universities and language courses.

They were founded in 2004 and are an independent provider of political and cultural education.

HochVier organizes regional education seminars, especially in rural Brandenburg, on topics such as regional development, democracy education, cultural and ethnic diversity, as well as methodological workshops such as “Games in political education”. The organisation is using games regularly in its work.

The organisation rooted in Spain started in 2005 and has years of experience when organising cultural activities and involvement possibilities with local communities.

AC Amics de la Biblioteca de la Fonteta is non-formal education organisation providing learning opportunities to the people in their area (youth, adults and children). 

The organization is focused at empowerment and active citizenship. 

In the project, they can contribute by sharing expertise about the use of games in the work with disadvantaged learners, because they are very active in the field of inclusion through education.

Latvia´s partner-organisation, named ISMA- „Izglitojoso spelu un metozu asociacija”, has many years of experience and is a non-governmental association.

Their main sectors are educational activities for trainers, teachers and other educators. 

This organisation wants to bring together developers of educational games and methods and wants to promote a culture of using games and methods in educational processes. 

Latvia has a lot of experience in using games as a tool for learning engagement.

“Games and Learning”, an organisation rooted in the Netherlands, is a small company specialized in serious games and game-based learning. The aim of Games&Learning is to create serious games that help players to reach certain goals, to learn and also to have fun. This organisation has developed lots of different games and as a resolution they have experience that will be important in this project.