Dominate the intern organs and follow the bloodstream to spread through the body.

Duration: 60 – 90 min
Number of players: 2 – 5
Material: boardgame

Short description

In Viral every player is a virus that has to infect a patient. Now you must spread out and mutate in order to infect other organs. Your goal is to gain Viral Points by creating a crises in the organs and by controlling zones in the patient’s body. But watch out for the other viruses- controlled by the other players – and the patient’s powerful immune system.

Educational Value

  • simulation of viruses (attack and fight)
  • simulation of the main organs and the blood vessels

Recommendation for use

Although the game is not complex, you will have to learn to play it. You need to build in time for this. Besides, playing the game takes a minimum of 60 minutes. The games works best with more than 2 players.

This is a cartoonish game about viruses. While it may not be entirely scientific, you can certainly use it to explain organs and how viruses work. 

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