Apply for real jobs with unreal qualifications. 

Duration: 30 min (depending how many rounds and players)
Number of players: 3-20
Material: Cards + board with a rotating dial

Short description

In FunEmployed each player uses their qualifications to convince the other players that he/she is the best qualified for the specific job.

One player is the employer, the others are applicants. 

Each player gets 4 cards with qualifications, the employer gets as many qualification cards as there are applicants.

The employer starts the game by revealing a job card open. This is the job all applicants are going to apply for. All players can now prepare their pitch using the cards in their hand. All players may swap one or more of their cards with the open 10 qualifications on the table. 

Each applicant gets a turn to pitch why they are the right candidate for the job. During the interview the employer can use one of the qualification cards in her hands to ask an extra question. 

After everyone’s pitch the employer chooses the winner. That person gets the job card and a next round starts. The player with the most job cards at the end is the winner of the game. 

Educational Value

  • practice holding and conducting job interviews
  • develop professional skills: communication, argumentation, active listening, presenting yourself
  • easily adapted with your own qualifications

Recommendation for use

FunEmployed takes a lot of listening to each other, the bigger the group the more players have to listen to pitches. Players who find it difficult to speak in a group can limit themselves to just mentioning the four qualifications. It is good if a game leader is there to keep an eye on time and guide the game.

Tips and tricks

  • Use a timer for making a pitch. 
  • Encourage players to always provide a rationale for each qualification. 
  • Agree in advance whether the employer can ask questions during the pitch of an applicant. 
  • Agree in advance on the maximum amount of speaking time each player will get.
  • Use the job cards, but not the qualification cards. Instead have players write down four of their own qualifications to apply for this job. 
  • Discuss in advance how many rounds you will play. Does everyone have to be an employer once or do you opt for 2 or 3 employers (i.e. 2 or 3 rounds)? 
  • If necessary, make pairs for employers so that two players can work together. 

Feedback questions

  • What was it like for you to make a pitch with four qualifications? What did you do to make it a coherent story? 
  • Discuss the pitches with the group: which pitch did you find interesting and what made that pitch interesting. What can you take from that into your own application? 
  • What was it like being an employer and judging the various pitches. What did you pay attention to? What appealed to you and what didn’t?