52 Steps Upward (52 soļi Augšup)

Duration: 15+ min
Number of players: 1+ player/s
Materials/ Tools needed: Inspiration cards “52 Steps Upward”
Publisher: www.52pakapieni.lv
Language: LV
Links: https://www.52pakapieni.lv/katalogs/params/category/0/item/546338/

Short description

“52 steps upward” are small inspiration cards that bring you closer to achieving any goal easier, quicker and in a more playful manner using practical weekly tasks. These cards encourage and cheer up to achieve the best results in four vital areas: personal growth, health, finance and relationships. 52 inspirational cards that will strengthen your financial well-being and quality of life.

Educational value/ Learning Objectives

  • Give tips for a balanced life.
  • Can be used not only for individual self-development, but also as a challenge for a team with game elements that not only entertains the team, but also educates and develops. In addition, it also provides meaningful daily conversations over a cup of coffee.

Recommendations for use

  • This unique set is for everyone who wishes to develop themselves and achieve both financial and emotional growth. The set consists of 52 small cards that will become your trusty ally, friend, advisor and a source of inspiration for a whole year, covering the important areas of a successful person’s life: finance, personal growth, health and relationships.
  • Just take one random card at the beginning of the week and do the task for the whole week. Take another card next week. 
  • Choose one of the four topics to develop this week and select the card from this topic. 
  • Feel free to create your own way to play!

Tips and Tricks for Facilitators 

How to adapt game for different groups, topics, occasions/needs

  • Discuss topics included in the cards.
  • Give meaning for stars included in each card. For example, one star means that you need to do this task in one day, four stars – four days. Or one star means 10 euro cents. Do the task and put 10 cents in your piggy bank. Etc.  

Feedback questions

How was the activity?
What was the most challenging?
What did you enjoy the most?

Further discussion topics

Personal and professional development

Life goals