Together – Play fit for the future (Zusammen)

Duration: 90 min
Number of players: 15-30
Materials: Card Set, Photocopies, Blackboard/flipchart, internet for research

Change perspectives in playful ways

Short description

‘Together – Play fit for the future’ are short-format simulation games on the topics of leisure, democracy, flight & migration and work. Zusammen consists of four sets of cards plus teaching materials, and is also suitable for beginners to German. You only need one double lesson per game. Each of the four games can also be used individually. Zusammen is based on various methodological approaches that enable students to change perspectives in a playful way, to reflect on their own attitudes and behaviour, and to transfer them to situations from their everyday lives.

Educational Value

  • Develop personal and social skills – tolerance, openness, respect, interest in other and new things
  • Clarification of attitudes and behaviors (one’s own and those of the social environment), pointing out starting points for change and practicing new behaviors 
  • Knowledge about migration, work, democracy, free time

Recommendations for use

Target group: Students between 16-25 and Teachers at vocational schools

Tips and Tricks

How to adapt game for different groups, topics, occasions/needs: The simulation game in course format can be used independently of each other; you need a double lesson of 90 minutes per game.

Feedback questions
– What competences can you develop through this game? 
– How they would help you understand the world?
– What major refugee movements do you know from history?
– How would you feel, if you need to flee?
– Do you know what you want to become in the future?
– What have you learned about democracy?
Further discussion topics

  • Migration
  • Work
  • Democracy