Shoes cards

Duration: 15+ min
Number of players: 2+ player/s
Materials/ Tools needed: Card set “Shoes cards”
Publisher: Joanna Kristine Golubeva
Language: Language independent

Short description

“Shoes cards” are Images of shoes and feet on one side and quotes on the other. Images stimulate visualization, creative thinking. Quotations give the opportunity to read and rational approach. Together, images and quotes create a unique combination.

Citations are used as appropriate. The quote is intended for inspiration, thought, challenge, so that additional answers can be found.

Educational value/ Learning Objectives

  • Icebreaker for teams and individuals.
  • Open discussions and dialogues to build a stronger team and to get to know each other better.
  • Develop communication skills – tolerance, empathy, storytelling, presentation, argumentation, active listening, language training, creativity, etc.
  • Making goals and observing obstacles.
  • Inspiration for action and new viewpoint.

Recommendations for use

  • The cards are used in both open and closed form according to the demand and the technique used. There are no right or wrong answers, only those that come from the person asking and answering the questions. Everyone chooses for himself.
  • The cards will be perfect for:

– options for actions must be found

– obstacles and opportunities must be seen

– you need time to think about why you “do” or “don’t”

– many ideas and need focus for actions

– for motivation and inspiration to act- for studying the situation

Tips and Tricks for Facilitators 

How to adapt game for different groups, topics, occasions/needs

Cards can be used also as icebreakers, for example, put one card on each chair and let participants find a place to sit according to their mood. Then explain the mood they chose. Instead of mood, there can be any other question connected to the topic. 

Feedback questions

  • Do I like or dislike the picture? Why?
  • What do I see in the picture – big picture, individual, details?
  • What catches my attention the most? Why?
  • The image is like a pause, what happened just before what after?
  • What is missing from the picture? What would I like to add?
  • What emotions, feelings, memories does it evoke in me?
  • How does this image connect to my purpose?

Further discussion topics



Lifelong learning

Personal goals and values