Forest of Fate

Practice the effect of skills and character abilities in teamwork.

Duration: 30 – 60 min
Number of players: 2-6
Material: cards + app

Short description

Each player chooses a character. Each character has unique skills and character abilities. Together you go on a quest which you can only solve by teamwork. Shuffle the cards to make a path to the quest.

On each card is an event/encounter and four different ways to react to that event/encounter. Discuss how to react and which team member uses his/her abilities to do that. You enter your choice on the app and it tells you the effect of that choice.

Educational Value

  • Make decisions as a team.
  • Experience that your actions can produce different reactions.

Recommendation for use

For this game the app is a prerequisite to play the game. Wifi or an internet connection is therefore necessary.  

Tips and tricks

  • You can download a print and play preview of the game here:
  • Watch for players with the biggest mouth, they are able to dominate the conversation

Watch a video