Duration: 90 min
Number of players: 4-18 player/s
Materials/ Tools needed: Set of the game
Publisher: R&R Games
Language: All
Links: https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/1353/times

A popular party board game that involves guessing and charades-style clues.

Short description/ Goal of the game:

A popular party board game that involves guessing and charades-style clues. Players divide into teams and take turns trying to guess the names of famous people, characters, or things within a limited time. 

In the first round, players provide verbal clues without using the actual name. In the second round, they give one-word clues, and in the third round, they can only act out the clues without speaking. 

The game adds an element of humor as players try to communicate and guess the answers under time pressure. “Time’s Up!” is known for its fast-paced, entertaining gameplay and is a great choice for gatherings and social occasions.

Educational value/ Learning Objectives:

  • to develop interpersonal skills, communication
  • to develop logical thinking

Recommendations for use: 

  • as an icebreaker, teambuilding, getting to know each other
  • from the age of 12

Tips and Tricks for Facilitators 

How to adapt game for different groups, topics, occasions/needs

  • Put in order of timing the characters.

Feedback questions

  • What have you learned about your team mates?
  • What have you learned about yourself?
  • What were the key elements in the game in order to succeed?
  • What skills can you improve while playing this game?

Further discussion topics

  • How could the game be adapted to your culture?