Unusual Suspects

Talking about prejudices.

Duration: 20+ min
Number of players: from 3
Material: cards
Link: https://pen-en-pion.nl/en/u-unusual-suspects-who-is-the-suspect/

Short description

This game consists of a lot of cards with faces. Place 12 of these cards within a square.

One player witnessed a crime and knows who did it. The other players must find out who the perpetrator is by yes/no-questions. The questions are about characteristics and are therefore subjective.

Educational Value

this game is about being part of society as an individual. That there are prejudices and that you have them, but that people also have them about you.

In this game, you look critically at your own bias and also examine the prejudices people have about you.

Recommendation for use

We recommend if a game leader is present here, because the game touches a a sensitive issue. The game leader keeps the discussion on track and monitors the sentiment in the group.

Tips and tricks

  • Require well-formulated arguments.
  • Set a timer for the discussion in the ‘guesser’ group.
  • Make it a blind vote to give equal weight to each choice.

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