Shit Happens

Cardgame about ranking, discussing shitty situation and creating changes of perspective.

Duration: 20 – 30 (Depending on number of cards you would like to discuss)
Number of players: from 2, a group is better
Material: cards

Short description

This game makes difference in experience and perspective concrete. Every card has an absurd situation on it with a score between ‘not so bad’ (score 1) and ‘the worst’ (score 100). 

Every player gets three cards and has to put them in ascending order in front of him. The other cards are in a pile facing down. One player gets a card from the pile, holds his hand over the score and shows the card and with that the situation to the player left to him. Can that player guess where that situation belongs in the ascending order?

If it’s right, you put it in the row. If it’s wrong, the next player can take a guess.

Educational Value

  • Discussing values, situations – Because each player has their own row with cards, each player can give their own value to a situation.
  • Icebreaker – Because of the absurd situations it there is a lot of fun and laughter.
  • Argumentation – Ask students to give at least two good arguments for their choice and let the group tell what they think of this arguments.

Recommendation for use

As a coach / teacher you can move from absurd situations to relatable situations.

Tips and tricks

  • There are several versions of this game. The basic game is 18+ and you might want to scan the cards before using them.
  • After playing a game and getting the mechanism, you can ask students to make some own cards e.g. 1 card for the range of 1-25 / 1 for 26 – 60 / 1 for 61-100.
  • There are several versions of this game, i.e. a shitty situations at work-edition and a family-edition.

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