The Chancellor Simulator (Der Kanzlersimulator)

Duration: 20-30 min
Number of players: 1-2
Materials: Online Link

Make decisions as Chancellor

Short Description

In the Chancellor Simulator, players can experience the beginning and course of a legislative period. As chancellor, they make decisions about the national budget and the formation of the government, among other things. In the process, they learn more about the political system in Germany, concepts such as coalition and opposition, the many different expectations of the highest government office and the conflicts that come with it, as well as the role of the plenum and the specialist committees in the legislative process. Since the game is based on recreated real-life conditions, it can be understood as a model political world. For example, in determining the election program, the positions of real political camps are compared to the average position of the German population.

Educational Value

  • Develop personal and professional skills – communication, problem solving, finding an opinion 
  • Knowledge about Democracy and Power

Recommendations for use

  • For students
  • Can be used as a support in a teaching unit with a focus on political system of Germany

Tips and Tricks

How to adapt game for different groups, topics, occasions/needs: The game can be used as an icebreaker for a discussion about Government Power
Feedback questions
What can I learn from this activity?
Which strategy worked best?
What competences can you develop through this game? 
What do you get to know about the difficulties of having the power to decide?
What parallels do you see with reality?
Was it difficult to support you political interest?
Further discussion topics

  • Democracy
  • Power
  • Political Interests