Super PAC$: The Game of Politics about the Game of Politics

Duration: 30-60min
Number of players: 2-4
Materials: Card set

Assemble a powerful coalition and win…

Short Description

You control one of the aspiring leaders of Humerica and gradually assemble a powerful coalition of factions to help you gain votes, wealth, and power. Each faction gives you a unique exploit that helps you or harms your opponents. Survive unexpected events, strive to win elections, fundraise from your wealthiest factions and, if you like, abscond with the money and purchase investments. The player with the most power wins!

Educational Value

  • Develop personal and professional skills – communication, teamwork, systematic thinking, cooperation, marketing, financing
  • Knowledge about elections and democracy

Recommendations for use

  • Perfect for people from 14 years

Tips and Tricks

How to adapt game for different groups, topics, occasions/needs: The game can be used as an icebreaker for a discussion with a focus on elections and democracy
Feedback questions
What can I learn from this activity?
What do I know about democracy and campaigning?
Which strategy worked best?
What competences can you develop through this game? 
What do I know about the importance of power in politics?
Further discussion topics

  • Politics
  • Campainging
  • Problem Solving